3 Masterful TED Talks on AI Inventions

The era of cognitive is here. The world generates an extraordinary amount of data every day, both structured and unstructured. Cognitive computing is the keystone to unlocking this data and exploiting the insights they have to offer. The inventions of cognitive computing are unprecedented and are bounded only by the imagination. Watch these three TED@IBM Talks on technologies and inventions that represent just the beginning of the cognitive reach.

Lloyd A. Treinish: This weather forecasting model is actually accurate.

There’s no escaping the weather. Weather affects everything, including travel, logistics, supply chains, commerce, and people’s lives. In this talk, Lloyd Treinish, leader of the global environmental science team at IBM Research, shares how enormous amounts of weather data can be analyzed with equations on a super computer to provide compellingly accurate forecasts in under an hour. Watch Lloyd’s talk to learn how predicting the impact of weather will usher businesses into the era of cognitive commerce.

Vinith Misra: Machines need an algorithm for humor. This is what it looks like.

Have you ever wanted to throw your laptop out the window in frustration? While we may not act on it, most of us have experienced this feeling. What if we could teach our machines to communicate with us and even defuse our frustration with humor? In this talk, Vinith Misra, researcher in IBM’s Watson Group, describes how the algorithms of humor can move beyond word play and puns to create machines with personality. This talk will amuse and inspire you.

Chieko Asakawa: How new technology helps blind people explore the world.

In her inspiring talk, Chieko Asakawa shares her story. Blinded in an accident at the age of 14, she started creating her own books in braille as a teen. In her quest for independence, she didn’t stop there. Following that she developed digital book technologies in the mid-1980s, made the internet accessible to the blind in the late 1990s, and continues with the inspiring work she does today. As an IBM Fellow and inventor, Chieko is using cognitive technology to further improve the lives of the visually impaired. With the help of a cognitive assistant, the disabled will be empowered to navigate independently with a better understanding of the world around them. Watch this poignant talk for a view into the future of cognitive assistance.

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