Marketing without content?

Is it marketing without content?

Content marketing is marketing

I’m in the midst of an assiduous job search. The good news is there are a lot of positions out there; it just takes putting in the work. I’ve looked at a multitude of job posts and something has stood out. I’m seeing a lot of Content Marketing positions. A quick search  for “Content Marketing” on LinkedIn returns over 30,700 job results. It’s nowhere near the over 125,000 results for “Marketing Manager” but I’m seeing another trend. More and more Marketing Manager positions include an emphasis on content strategy.

Good news for me. Great news for the brands that recognize that content should be a part of every integrated marketing campaign.

Content marketing is creating and publishing content that our audiences find valuable and relevant to their needs at the time, providing different content depending on the stage of the buyer’s journey and the channel.

Content is how you attract and engage your audience. Good content provides value – being either informative, useful, educational, entertaining, or inspirational. It’s content that your audience wants; something that fulfills their need. Great content is something that they are willing to share.

Content marketing is more than just one tactic. Strategic content marketing is fundamental to every part of a marketing campaign.

Quality content plays a role throughout the campaign, from first generating awareness, to nurturing and progressing a contact through the journey, to ultimately engaging them to become a lead. No matter the tactic, content plays a role.

Content marketing throughout the campaign

  • Email Marketing – Leverage content to increase email opens and engagement. Nurture your contacts with content that builds trust and provides information.
  • Social Media Marketing – Create responsive and real-time content for your social channels. Adapt content according to the social channel. Use social media to drive to your offers with derivative content.
  • Web and SEO – Optimize content on your website. Design and refresh content on your blog and website to improve SEO.
  • PPC and Advertising – Drive demand and create leads with high-value content that your audience is willing to exchange their contact information for.
  • Events – Promote events with great content. Engage attendees with real-time content during the event, then extend the life of the event by creating lasting content from key take-aways.

Content marketing is important for brands that want to increase trust, drive leads and close sales.

And so, to answer my original question, is it marketing without content? No.

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