Product Launch Campaign: Content and SEO Strategy


  • Announce and provide drumbeat of content to support the launch of a new product with value-added precise topics on the subject of predictive marketing, positioning IBM as a thought leader.
  • Increase organic traffic for important keywords.
  • Drive to webinar registrations.


  • IBM and external contributor blog authors writing evergreen, helpful blog posts on specialized topics important to marketers.
  • Kinetic text animations to drive to key blogs on social to drive engagement and views with blogs.
  • Keyword research, SEO optimized blog posts, cross linking strategy, aiming for Google Answers box.

Sample Blogs:

Outside writers. I optimized for SEO.

What is predictive marketing?

How predictive analytics empowers marketers

Customer Lifetime Value: Roll out the red carpet for your best customers

How to use predictive analytics to make each customer engagement special

How to use analytics to create a truly customer centric business

Early Results:

  • Google ranking #8 and rising; Bing ranking #4
  • Cornerstone blog post results: 1,100 pageviews, 936 readers, 40% engagement, 41 seconds engaged time, 156 Facebook shares, 196 LinkedIn shares, 33 Twitter shares
  • Total campaign blog results:
    • 5137 pageviews
    • 3503 readers
    • 41% engagement
    • 41 seconds engaged time
    • 320 Facebook shares, 1075 LinkedIn shares, 226 Twitter shares

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